Deck Machinery

  • Anchor-handling and towing winches, single and multi-drums/in line - and waterfall types

  • Electric-, hydraulic-, or diesel driven with torque convertor for haul-in pull up to 1600 kN and braking power up to 2500 kN.

  • Electric and hydralic anchor windlasses/single and double chainlifter/horizontal and vertical types for chain 19 up to 120mm. dia. also combined with mooring drum.

  • Hydraulic and electric automatic mooring winches/manual and selftensioning control/standard types with nominal pull from 50 up to 300 kN.

  • Heavy duty anchoring / mooring winches elctri-, hydraulic-, or diesel driven with torque converter, pull up to 1750 kN - braking power 2200 kN.

  • Coupling winches handoperated, pull from 25 to 235 kN holding force 250 kN up to 600 kN.

  • All kinds of winches for dredging purposes. Hydraulic pumps and motors axial piston type, maximum working pressure of 240 bar, motor output from 20 up to 130 kW.

  • Electric and hydraulic trawlwinches for bottom/pelagic, - or beamtrawling, or for purse-seining.

mono-bloc and split execution

conventional and multi-drum execution

drums in line or in waterfall

conception with drum jaw clutch or friction type

drumbrakes in self-releasing execution

pneumatic or electro-pneumatic

synchro-balance control

  • All kind of auxiliary winches: sweepline-, fleeting-, gilson-, and bag-winches

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