Brusselle Industries NV

The company was founded in 1929 and was initially involved in the maintenance and repair of main engines on board trawlers. Later on it was decided to start the manufacture of small deck machinery and hydraulic steering gears.

Nowadays Brusselle's activity has expanded into the construction of all kinds of deck machinery and hydraulic steering gear for installation in vessels of all types and sizes.

Brusselle are capable of designing and building complete deck machinery equipment and hydraulic steering gear systems at a competitive price and of a high quality.

  • Hydraulic hand steering gears for ships of small and medium tonnage for ruddertorque from 1,2 up to 24kNm.

  • Hydraulic steering gears for twin-rudder vessels for ruddertorque from 4,1 up to 1308kNm. (hydro-electric for the bigger ones)

  • Hydraulic compact 4-ram steering gears with embodied rudder carrier for ruddertorque from 5,5 up to 629 kNm.

  • Hydraulic 4-ram steering gears for ruddertorque from 205 up to 3482 kNm.

  • Hydraulic steering gears - Rotary vane types for ruddertorque from 11,9 up to 129,4 kNm.

Hydraulic steering gear

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