Jastram Noise Reduction

The Active Jastram Noise reduction is a patented innovation to minimize the noise of the bowthruster unit on any type of vessel. All thrusters create noise by propeller cavitation. Instead of damping the noise, this active device reduces noise at the source by injecting a specific volume of air at carefully chosen locations. An overall noise reduction of up to 15dB can be achieved without losses in thrust efficiency. In addition damping systems are available reducing the structure-born issue.

Jastram Active Noise Reduction

The Jastram Active Noise Reduction consists of the following parts:

  • The air injection system with the definition of placement and number of nozzles

  • The nozzle arrangement in the tunnelwall

  • The air transport system The required sea valve(s)

  • The oilless compressor with a non-return valve

  • The volume and pressure control and a manometer

  • The electric control and the connection to the stand-by connection

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